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Regarding Evacuation of Indian Nationals in Bulgaria and North Macedonia

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The Embassy is in the process of finalizing list of Indian nationals in distress who wish to return to India and exploring possibilities for their evacuation via Frankfurt, Germany. In this regard, please fill the details placed below and send to the undersigned by 1500 Hrs tomorrow i.e. 17.5.2020. Those who had already send them last week need not send again. But confirm the same to the undersigned through WhatsApp/E-mail.

Those wishing to return will have to make their own arrangements and reach Frankfurt in order to board the Air India flight from Frankfurt to a particular destination airport in India. A request will be considered against a particular destination airport in India only if the said person is domiciled in the corresponding State as crossing of State borders is to be avoided during the mandatory quarantine period. For instance, an Indian national from Kerala could be indicated against any of the airports in Kerala but not outside the State.

The evacuation, when it happens, will be on full payment basis with all evacuees being required to carry COVID free certificate (RTPCR or Rapid Antibody Test for COVID) with them at the time of boarding the evacuation flight from Frankfurt. At the time of boarding only asymptomatic travelers would be allowed to board the flight.

It may be noted that every individual will be required to give an undertaking that they are making the journey at their own risk before boarding evacuation flight to India. Also every individual will have to undergo mandatory institutional quarantine either in a hospital or in an institutional quarantine on payment basis for a minimum period of 14 days on arrival in India, at their own cost.

All passengers shall be asked to download and register on ArogyaSetu app on their mobile devices, upon arrival in India.

All passengers must abide by the instruction and requirement as detailed by the crew of flight/Embassy or Consulate/Government of India/medical personnel before, during and after boarding the flight, and also after disembarkation at the designated airports of India.

Details to be send for evacuation

(If send already, please WhatsApp/E-mail the following to the undersigned: “My…….(Name), Indian Passport No………… details may be considered for evacuation to India from Bulgaria, via Frankfurt”):

1. Name:

2. Age:

3. Gender:

4. Passport No.(Please also attach a copy)

5. Reason for evacuation (Please select one as applicable):

• Deportation by foreign government;

• Have lost job

• Non resident and visa expired;

• Medical emergency / terminal illness

• Death of a family member in India

• Stranded on tourist / visit visa.

• University / College is closed.

• Pregnant Woman/Elderly

• Other (Pl specify)

6. Occupation : Student / Professional/ Worker/ Tourist/ Visitor/ Crew/ Other(Pl specify)

7. City in Bulgaria:

8. Full Address in Bulgaria:

9. Domicile State/UT in India:

10. Full address in India (Specify District):

11. Contact No (in Bulgaria):

12. Contact No (In India):

13. COVID Test taken : Yes/ No

14. COVID Test results : +ve / -ve

15. Type of COVID Test taken: RT-PCR/ Rapid Antibody

Ankit Kanwat,

ASO (Cons.),

Embassy of India, Sofia


WhatsApp: +359 87 688 6165