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Advisory for Indian nationals entering into Bulgaria w.e.f. 01.07.2021

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Embassy of India



Subject: Advisory for Indian nationals entering into Bulgaria

As per Order No. RD-01-547 of 30.06.2021 issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health, India has been categorised into Red zone and no persons arriving from India are permitted into Bulgaria except:

  1. medical professionals/researchers etc. where the purpose of the journey is related to the profession they are pursuing;

  2. workers involved in the supply of medicinal products/devices/equipment etc.;

  3. officials (heads of state, members of governments, etc.) and members of their delegations, as well as diplomats, members of the administrative and technical staff of foreign missions etc. as well as their family members;

  4. persons travelling for humanitarian reasons, as per provisions of relevant Bulgarian laws;

  5. representatives of the trade, economic, and investment activities etc upon certification by a letter from the ministry concerned;

  6. seasonal agricultural and tourism workers;

  7. Students travelling for training purposes, as well as for participating in exams;

  8. organizers and participants in international sports competitions - certified by a letter from the Minister of Youth and Sports;

  9. foreign nationals, for receiving Bulgarian citizenship, certified by a letter of the Ministry of Justice;

  10. organisers and participants in international cultural events, certified by a letter from the Minister of Culture.

2.       Eligible persons arriving from India are allowed into Bulgaria upon presentation of following documents:

S. No.


Document validity


a valid EU digital COVID certificate for vaccination/similar document for a completed vaccination course against COVID 19 as per Annex 3 of the order or

After expiry of a 14 days period from the date of administration of last dose

a valid EU digital COVID certificate for illness/similar document showing a positive result of a RT PCR test or a Rapid Antigen Test for persons suffering from COVID-19

for the period from the 11th to the 180th day, as of the date of the examination


a negative result from a RT PCR test for COVID 19 or

performed upto 72 hours before entry into Bulgaria

Rapid Antigen Test for COVID-19

performed upto 48 hours before entry into Bulgaria


3.       Indian nationals holding Bulgarian residence permit and arriving from India shall be subjected to a 10 days home quarantine, upon arrival in Bulgaria. Home quarantine may be revoked by the regional health authorities upon submission of negative result from RT PCR or Rapid antigen test (as specified in the order) conducted within 24 hours of entry into Bulgaria.

4.       The categorization of countries into Green, Orange or Red zone is subjected to review and update every Monday, by the Bulgarian authorities, accordingly, Indian nationals planning to come to Bulgaria are advised to contact the Bulgarian Embassy in New Delhi for latest updates in this regard.

5.       English translation of the order may be seen at the following link: order RD-01-547 30.06.2021.pdf