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Tender for Gardening work at Chancery

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No. SOF/PROP/867/01/2018
Embassy of India
                                                                                                       Sofia, the 28th March, 2018
Subject: Invitation for competitive tender for providing Gardening Services at Embassy of India, Sofia (at 4 Alfred Nobel, Str., Sofia).
1.        Sealed tenders are invited from professional companies / firms with a minimum experience of three years in Gardening works and having provided such services to Embassies / star hotels / Convention Centres/ Corporate Houses for at least two years during the last three years, for providing these Services at Embassy of India , Sofia for a period of 2 years.
 2.       The scope of the work, terms and conditions would be as follows:
            Gardening: The work involves gardening and complete maintenance of gardening area in the Embassy at 4 Alfred Nobel, Str., Sofia.  This would, inter alia, include the following:
•          Grass cutting (by Lawn Mower), cleaning, watering, and fertilizing of the green areas;
            •          Disposal of organic garbage from the premises;
            •          Trimming, fertilizing, de-weeding of all areas including hedges, flower beds and plants;
•          Spraying against diseases and pests with included materials at the                    company's cost;
•          Planting of seasonal flowers in the garden area, in consular area and in staircase leading to first floor, the total number of flowers should be 1000;

  1. Planting of trees;

•          Purchase of seasonal/indoor plants to be placed inside the chancery premises including public area and office rooms;
            •          Replacement of dead flowers and bushes;

  1.      The firm may provide in materials/consumables in the garden, plants, pots, tools and other items used for the gardening work at their own cost.

            •          Cleaning of snow and dead leaves from the trees will be performed during the winter season.
3. The firm shall be required to furnish an undertaking to strictly abide by good management practices, various labour regulations / laws, if any, in force in Bulgaria including payment of minimum wages, social security etc. the winning bidder would be required to dedicate one supervisor / manager who can be contacted for all queries / requirements in connection with the work awarded.
4. The firm would be responsible for its staff in terms of their antecedents and conduct, services performance and behaviour as also the payment of salaries, compensation etc. Embassy of India would not be responsible for any dues other than the agreed contract amount. The workers shall not have any claim for regularization of their services or enhancement of wages with the Embassy of India. Sworn affidavits to these effects from the workers deployed on the Chancery premises by the company will have to be furnished.
5. Bidders may quote prices strictly on monthly basis only. Price quoted should be on all-inclusive basis and must include the cost of all services, personnel, material, transportation etc.
6. The firm shall employ staff as appropriate who will work during Monday to Friday (0830 hrs to 1630 hrs with lunch break for half an hour).
7. The main gardener must be a qualified person with requisite qualification of gardening works. The workers attached with the Gardener must be familiar with gardening work.
8. During winter months, the gardener will be required to clear the snow from the premises of the chancery and shall be required to come early in the morning in order to clear the snow.
9.        Interested parties / firms may submit their Financial bid in a sealed envelope for providing gardening services.
10.      Contract amount, once agreed to by the firm, shall not be increased during the period of the contract.
11.      (i).       The tenderer will be required to submit Leva. 500/- (Leva Five hundred only) payable to the "Embassy of India, Sofia" by Bank Draft / Pay Order or in Cash as Earnest Money  Deposit (EMD) / Bid Security for safeguarding the interest of The Embassy of India.
            (ii).      Tenders received without EMD / Bid Security shall not be considered. The EMD / Bid Security of the unsuccessful tenderer would be refunded/returned within thirty days after finalisation of the contract. The amount will be adjusted in respect of successful tenderer. No claim for payment of interest on EMD / Bid Security would be entertained by the Embassy.
            (iii).     The  EMD / Bid  Security  of  a  tenderer  will  be  forfeited,  if  the  successful tenderer withdraws or amends his tender or impairs or deviates from the tender in any respect within the period of the validity of his tender.
12.      Prices quoted in the financial bids of the tender should remain valid for acceptance for 90 days from date of closing of tender, without any price escalation for whatever reason.
13.      The bidding firm will have to submit 'Financial Bid' in a sealed cover. Financial bids of only those bidders who met the technical criterion in Para 1 above would be opened to award the contract.   Financial bids of bidder [s] who do not meet the technical criterion will not be opened.
14.      A Bid shall be treated as successful only after the competent authority in the Embassy of India has approved it in accordance with the terms of the Tender Notice. Embassy of India shall send the notice of acceptance of the successful lowest Bidder. Subsequent to the notice, a contract shall be signed between the Embassy of India and the successful lowest Bidder.
15.      The Embassy of India reserves the right to revoke the contract at any time  if  the  services  rendered  are  not  found  satisfactory  during  the  period  of contract.
16.      The Embassy of India shall have the right to impose such penalty as it deems fit on the firm if the services are found unsatisfactory or partial / defective services are rendered. The maximum penalty will be restricted to one month's charges.  Continuous  default in  providing  services  will  also  lead, besides  termination  of  contract,  to  automatic disqualification  for  tendering  or quoting in future for any service for the Embassy. Clauses of this effect would be included in the agreement to be signed.
17.      The Embassy of India shall also have the right to impose such penalty as it deems fit on the firm if the Mission is put to any financial loss directly or indirectly by any act of omission or commission on the part of the firm or the person (s) deployed by it on the premises of the chancery or withholding payment till the rectification of the omission.

3.        EVALUATION CRITERIA: The Tender Evaluation Committee [TEC] will evaluate the Technical information individually using the following criteria:

            (a)       The Organization's relevant experience for the Assignment.
            (b)       Quality of work plan and methodology for undertaking the job.
(c)       Qualifications and experience of the staff proposed.
            (d)       Past track record.

19.      Experienced & registered firms are invited to submit bids in sealed covers to the office of the undersigned by 1700 hrs on Monday, the 16th APRIL, 2018. Technical Bids will be opened at 1500 hrs on Tuesday, the 17TH APRIL, 2018 in Reception Hall, Embassy of India, Sofia (at 4 Alfred Nobel Street, Geo Milev, Sofia-1113). 
20.      Bid may be submitted physically or by courier / post to:
Head of chancery
Embassy of India
4 Alfred Nobel Street
Geo Milev
Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

            For site visit, please contact the undersigned during office hours.

(P. Subhash Nair) 
Second Secretary & Head of Chancery
Tel. No. -02-963 5685


1.  Name of the firm:
2.  Address of the Registered Office:
3.  Correspondence address:
4.  Contact details:




Remarks, if any


a. Brief introduction of the company



b. Previous experience   in the field    (minimum of three years)



c. Total  number  of  regular employees with the firm



d. Turnover of the firm for the last two years



e. Registration Certificate & license for the services




Detailed work plan and methodology for undertaking the job




Qualification and experience of the staff [including supervisory / managerial staff and gardening/cleaning staff] proposed to be deployed for the job




a. Copies of Current   contracts    of Cleaning / gardening/ electrical  services being undertaken  by  the firm



b. Copies of past contracts    of Cleaning / gardening  services undertaken  by  the firm



c. Testimonials [Clients' letters / certificates etc.]





 1.  Name of the firm:
2.  Address of the Registered Office:
3.  Correspondence address:
4.  Contact details:



Charges (in Lev per month including VAT)

Remarks, if any


Monthly charges for gardening  services





Note : Prices should be quoted strictly on monthly basis only. Price quoted should be on an all-inclusive basis and shall include the cost of all services, personnel, material, transportation, rentals taxes, VAT etc.